JV Boys Soccer strikes success

Ranya Sareen, Staff Writer

With a current record of seven wins to four losses and one tie, the Boys Junior Varsity Soccer team looks to end their dominating season with another win this week.

Different games throughout the season stood out to different players. For Armaan Kakodkar (10), the win against Collegiate was an important one. “We had never scored three goals in a game before and our defense stayed strong throughout the whole game, not letting any exhaustion get to us,” he said.

The Fieldston game was “especially important” to Jake Federman (10), because he’s had bad experiences with the Fieldston team in the past. The Lions had lost their first game against the Eagles, but came back and won their next game 2-1.

The improvement in the team’s skills, communication, and hard work is evident in the many wins the team had during the season, Federman said.

Offense improved greatly as the season has progressed, Boys Junior Varsity Coach Chris Nelson said. Although it took a while for players in the midfield to build chemistry with the forwards, a strong sense of playing ethic and communication was established, he said.

Having a large group was a factor in the progress of the team this season. The team is around two-thirds freshmen, and sophomores guided the freshmen throughout the season, Federman said.

“Each and every player worked hard to make everyone feel comfortable and feel part of the team,” Henry Bloom (10) said.

As there were many players, “the skill level definitely varied because there were players who played in middle school as well as some who had never been part of a soccer team before,” Federman said.

During practices, the team looked to improve rusty skills that Coach Nelson noticed during games, Federman said.

From there, Nelson created a list of drills to better those skills, Kakodkar said.

It was very important to the team as a whole to work in harmony to better their defensive, offensive, and handling skills, Kakodkar said.

“We had fun in practices, however, we were definitely able to improve our skills and understand each other’s playing style,” Logan Draccos (9) said.

Even with the loss of Alex Gerstenhaber (10) to knee surgery in the very beginning of the season, “the team was able to find their identity again and find ways to win,” said Federman.

Bloom said that Federman was vital to the team’s wins “because he blocked many attempted goals, which allowed for tight, successful wins.”

As for future seasons, Bloom said, “as long as the team works cohesively and focuses more on attacking and scoring, we will have positive outcomes.”

The team looks forward to competing against Dalton in their final match of the season on October 26.