Editorial – Alumni Speaker Series

Editorial Board

Over the past couple weeks, we as a board have enjoyed the opportunities we have had to interact with Horace Mann’s alumni. Whether it was engaging in a conversation about journalism with Marc Fisher during his I period visit to the school, bonding with members of the Classes of 2017 and 2018 over lunch in the cafeteria, or learning about alumni in the arts through an Arts and Entertainment article published in this issue, we have found the time that we have spent connecting with Horace Mann students of the past to be valuable and invigorating.

Often, we tend to confine our vision of the Horace Mann community to the people we see on a daily basis in the halls of Tillinghast, but it is important to remember that our presence extends far beyond that. We are connected to a vast alumni network that stretches across the whole world and into every professional field. Although these people may seem far removed from our lives right now, they all started here at Horace Mann, and we share that common experience.

In the spirit of connecting with Horace Mann alumni, we on The Record have started a new alumni journalist speaker series, the first of which took place on November 15th with Marc Fisher. With so many Record writers going on to inspiring careers in journalism, we felt that these alumni were a resource we needed to tap into. We hope that this initiative becomes a Record tradition, and we hope that we can inspire others in our community to reach out to alumni in their respective area of interest.

Pay attention to and celebrate what your classmates accomplish after high school. Whether you want to contact a peer regarding a job opportunity or just find out what they’re up to, we hope the alumni network will always play an important role in your life.