Athletes shine on and off the field during fall sports season: Michael Sun-Huang

Jacob Schorsch, Contributing Writer

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Despite battling multiple ankle injuries and breaking his wrist in the championship game, Michael Sun-Huang (12) led the Lions to back-to-back Championship seasons. He helped develop a positive culture on the football team through diligence and leadership.

“He gives 100% in games and in practice. He’s also the toughest kid on the team and makes everyone want to be tougher,” Zachary Brooks (11) said.

“He just enters a mindset during games that I don’t see in anybody else. He’s so aggressive and physical it really sets a tone for how our defense is going to play the game,” Tino Caer (12) said.

By gaining 25 pounds of muscle in the offseason, pushing through injuries, and not slacking in practice, he strove to push his teammates to work hard as well, Sun-Huang said.

“Being named captain was an amazing experience to have my hard work pay off and be recognized. It also pushed me to work harder,” Sun-Huang said.

The positive attitude that Varsity Football Coach Matthew Russo cultivates stems from positive recognition and taking accountability, Sun-Huang said.

Furthermore, Sun-Huang develops a “culture of improvement,” in which everyone wants to get better, not make excuses, and dedicate themselves fully to the team, Russo said.

  One moment that showed Sun-Huang’s poise and leadership was during the championship game, Russo said.

“The players on the bench and I were shouting at him to double cover a receiver on the opposing team. He shushed us and baited the receiver to go deep. Then, he made an incredible play on the ball, knowing the entire time what he planned to do,” Russo said.