Athletes shine on and off the field during fall sports season: Philippe Boulas

Yotam Hahn, Contributing Writer

Co-Captain Philippe Boulas (12) was a key defender for the Boys Varsity Soccer team this season. Boulas plans on never letting soccer out of his life whether it be playing, watching, or teaching. “I want to be part of the soccer community forever just because it means that much to me,” Boulas said.

Boys Varsity Soccer Head Coach Neil Berniker appreciated Boulas’ effort, work ethic, desire to win, and most importantly, his ability to make his teammates better, he said.

Boulas’s intensity during practice and games inspired his teammates to work harder, Chris Ha (11) said. “Because of Philippe I have also put more effort into what I do on the field, and I would focus more,” Ha said.

Boulas was always capable of making the right plays, but what made him special was the way he held his teammates accountable and brought out a higher level of play from his teammates, Berniker said.

“Philippe is a really fun person to be around, but when it came to soccer he got everyone focused and gained respect from everyone on the team,” Delanty said.

Boulas and the other seniors made a strong effort this season to keep the team close off the field so that the chemistry between players translated onto the field, Boulas said.

“We go and play soccer during our free time outside of school,” Boulas said.

Since Boulas’ first day in high school the soccer team had given him confidence and helped him feel more included as a kid who had just moved to New York from China, he said.   

“I’ve moved around a lot in my life and soccer has been the one consistent thing in my life,” Boulas said.

“The team was very fortunate to have a player like him and we will definitely miss him in the future,” Berniker said.