Sean Koons’ artistic education

Jude Herwitz, Staff Writer

“He taught us to never appreciate his art as much as we appreciate others,” Sean Koons (12) said about his father, renowned artist Jeff Koons P’19 P’24. “So that when it comes to the time someone asks us who is our favorite artist, I wouldn’t be like, ‘obviously my dad.’”

His art appreciation is the result of a concerted effort by Sean’s parents to expose him to the art world from a young age.

While Sean enjoys his father’s work, he said, he also appreciates the works of Damien Hirst and Peter Paul Rubens.

When his father would have exhibition openings at museums around the world, Sean would often accompany him, journeying to Berlin and Paris, among many other places, Sean said. They visited museums in all the cities they traveled to, resulting in exposure to an impressive variety of art.

Jeff Koons prioritized educating his children about art and different artists, Sean said, so they were well versed in the world of contemporary art.

Blake Koons (7) also travels with his father, and has found that as he becomes older he enjoys visiting different museums more and more.

“As I grow up, I can definitely appreciate art more,” he said.

Their parents’ commitment to their diverse art education reveals itself in the art decorating the Koons’ home. For one, almost none of Koons’ art is displayed at their home, Koons said, to make sure that their children understand how varied the art world is, and how far it extends past him.

“So our children would realize art is a much larger dialogue than just their parents, we have created a home which displays art almost completely by other artists,” he said.

For Blake Koons, when he was younger his interest in art expressed itself through drawing for fun.

“Basically our whole family grew up drawing a lot, which was influenced by both our parents,” he said.

Sean Koons also creates art in his free time because he is a creative person by nature, he said. That was partially influenced by extensive experience viewing different pieces of art and being surrounded by art, he said.

Sean wants to ensure that he has a career he love when he is older and cannot imagine himself working at a “desk job,” he said. “I want to do something creative because if not, it’s just a waste of my life,” Sean said.