Jaden Kirshner’s personal exploration of cinematography

Jude Herwitz, Staff Writer

Jaden Kirshner (10) found his passion for film four years ago, but has been immersed in the arts world for much longer. Both his parents work in artistic fields, and have helped him find his passion for movies.

Randy Kirshner P’21 produces live television and corporate events, such as the Super Bowl Halftime Show, the Tony Awards, and the Democratic National Convention. Through this, he has introduced Jaden to the insides of the world of film and television. For example, over the summer Jaden worked as a production assistant at the Tony Awards, alongside his father.

Rina Kirshner P’21 serves as vice president of the Russian American Foundation, which she cofounded, specifically overseeing the program it runs in which students and instructors from the Bolshoi Ballet Academy teach American dancers.

They both have made a concerted effort to expose Jaden to different types of arts, for example going to museums all across New York City and making sure to visit museums whenever they travel to foreign cities, she said. While she has also gone with Jaden to a classical ballet performance, he did not find the same level of enjoyment in that particular activity.

“I really chose my own niche and that’s film bc no-one of them are filmmakers or do anything related to film, but because they introduced me to the art world I found what I really like to do,” Jaden said.

He normally watches three films a week with his parents and takes time to study and analyze film during his free time, for example attending film schools and programs during vacations. In fact, when he grows up, Jaden hopes to work as a filmmaker.

“He knows more about film then either one of us, and he even knows a lot of Russian films that I’ve never heard of,” Mrs. Kirshner said. “Now he actually exposes us [to new pieces of art] through his research in the world of cinema.”

He also studies film inside of school, via the Art of Film and Filmmaking classes.

“It’s hard to make a film on your own without having a very nice camera, without having a tripod, but I think the school gives me an opportunity to make film, and helps gives me the motivation to make a film,” he said.

Furthermore, his experience watching and studying film has helped him better understand narrative aspects of written works, which also helps when writing assignments for class, he said.

“For English, if there’s an assignment that is character related I like that better because that’s more related to something in film,” Jaden said.