Eliza Poster keeps up with the latest music

Jude Herwitz, Staff Writer

For many students, listening to the newest rap music with parents conjures images of shocked and outraged faces; for Eliza Poster (11), however, it brings back memories of last August, when she and her father, Randy Poster ’79 P’18 ’20, journeyed to San Francisco’s Outside Lands music festival to watch Future perform live for his birthday. In fact, it is his job to stay up-to-date on music, and both Posters share a passion for it.

Poster works as a music supervisor for movies and television, meaning he advises the director on what movies to play when in scenes.

A music supervisor works for the director to imagine and execute a musical strategy for the movie,” he said.

The work varies from film to film, but some of the questions he would address in a scene, for example, where a band is playing, would be what song the band plays, how loud, what does the band look like, etc.

It means that he needs to stay on top of the music of the time so he can work on a wide variety of projects, as well as occasionally doing specific research depending on the setting of a movie.

“It’s really funny because my dad’s a 57 year old man and he knows more about hip-hop than I do,” Eliza said.

Because he knows more, she often goes to him to ask questions about songs or artists, and also gets song suggestions.

“His pool of knowledge makes me more interested in different types of musics, because if I’m interested in a certain genre or a certain band I can talk to him about it,” she said, “and he can tell me about the music scene at that point, which helps me get more enveloped in it.”

While Poster did not make any concerted effort to purposefully interest his children in music and film, he said, both of them developed likings for the two fields. However, he did have some role in developing their passion, because as a family they listen to music and watch movies constantly.

“What I do is a lot of fun and I think that’s apparent and that’s seemingly attractive [to my daughters],” he said.

Eliza attributed her interests in the arts to her familial life as well.

“I would say the things we talk about most are books and music and movies and so that kind of has directed me towards more creative pursuits rather than math or science,” she said.