Editorial – Reflection on the First Semester

Editorial Board

As all of you know, the first semester is coming to an end. As the Editorial Board, we feel an obligation as Horace Mann students to continue in our pursuit of knowledge inside and outside the classroom no matter how “draining” the year has been so far.

As the first year of students under the semester system, we should also take this time to reflect on this new system and the year so far. Did you engage in your classes, not only for the participation grade? Did you forge meaningful friendships with people outside of your normal group? Take advantage of the next few months to look around and find out whether you want to be nice, funny, caring or something else. Figure out your true self and become acquainted with the human being that your experiences have led you to be.

For the seniors, although second semester can be seen as a time to “slump,” we must present our school in the best light possible by continuing to be the hard-working and intelligent students that we have been over the past four years.

If anything, this time should be taken as one to appreciate the people that have been by your side throughout the year as well as to explore the beautifully intricate community that we have at Horace Mann.

With the end of the first semester, reflect on yourself. Are you happy with the person that your interactions, interests, and relationships have shown over the past four years?