Students make organization fun in new club

Kate Feiner, Contributing Writer

Middle Division (MD) psychologist Dr. Christina Nichols shares her love of washi tape, cute planners, and organization with students during the Planners for Days club meetings every Monday.  The club was created after co-founders Jiwan Kim (6) and Catherine Mong (6) designed their own planners with Dr. Nichols.

“When my friends saw my planner, they wanted one too,” Kim said.  “So we decided that we should make a little club where we could gather everyone’s ideas and make a bunch of planners.”

During club meetings, students design and laminate covers, print out calendar pages, and bind planners for themselves and their friends.  The club allows Middle Division students to have fun with friends while developing strategies to manage their work, Kim said.

Now that they have finished making planners for the interested students, they want to do a collaboration with Mercy Center, an organization that supports women and children in the South Bronx. They want to make planners to give out at a booth during a carnival which the sixth grade hosts in support of these families, Mong said.

“I joined the club because I wanted to be more organized.” Valentina Perez-Merlo (6) said.   “It makes me more aware of what I have to do.” For example, the club members make bound flashcard holders, which can keep your studying organized, she said.

The students in the club feel like it is easier to be organized when they have colorful planners with fun designs. 

“I love planning, and making planners is my favorite thing to do,” Nichols said. Since the commencement of the club in November, Nichols has spent time meeting with teachers from other schools in order to come up with new ideas for club activities, she said.

“Some kids don’t naturally take to planners,” Nichols said.  “But if they customize the planners with colors and tape, it makes them want to open them.” The club is a place where like-minded students can come together and collaborate while playing with tape and glitter, she said. 

Kim loves that everyone is included and all of their ideas are incorporated, she said. “It is a club that works very hard,” she said.  “When we come in every Monday, we have fun and talk while doing the work,” she said. 

“I love these kids,” Nichols said.  She enjoys watching them work together to create planners which they are all excited about and is amazed by the number of students who show up to each club meeting, she said.

The only thing that Kim would change about the club would be to install an organizational system to prevent distractions by friends and keep them working on schedule, she said.

However, many students such as Perez-Merlo and Mong say that their favorite part of the club is having fun with their friends while participating in an activity which they love, they said. 

Planners for Days is a club based on community, and they welcome new members.  “The more people, the more fun we have,” Perez-Merlo said.