Ella Anthony (11) reaches 1000th career point

Josh Underberg, Staff Writer

In a game last week against Poly Prep, Ella Anthony (11) reached the career milestone of scoring her 1,000th point as a Girls Varsity Basketball player.

The accomplishment adds to the superb year Anthony has been having, performing at an intense level and leading the team in scoring, Girls Varsity Basketball Coach Ray Barile said. “That’s the big point in basketball, breaking the 1,000 point mark, and there’s not that many people who can do it,” he said.

Anthony is the fourth girl ever in school history to reach the 1,000 point mark, Barile said.

This season, Anthony has averaged 22.2 points, seven steals, seven rebounds and five assists per game. Not including this afternoon’s game, Anthony has scored 444 points this season alone.

“I was just so happy, and it was all just pure joy in that moment,” Anthony said. The energetic atmosphere of the gym added to her joy. “I’ve never really gotten a standing ovation for anything before, so all of the people clapping only made me happier and more excited,” she said.

“The atmosphere was great, and everyone was happy to see Ella succeed,” Ethan Irushalmi (10), who attended the game, said. “I was totally shocked. It was such a special moment for her, and even the other team was proud for her and congratulated her. It was a special moment, and I was happy to witness it,” he said.

Anthony’s teammates were quick to embrace her during her special moment.

“I just broke down crying, and my teammates came and hugged me,” Anthony said.

Girls Varsity Basketball co-Captain Kate Golub (12) attributes Anthony’s hard work as the leading factor of her success.

“Ella is one of the best basketball players I know, and her raw skill, her dedication, passion, and work ethic is why she has gotten this far,” Golub said. “She spends hours in and out of school putting up shots and working on her game, and she has improved so much.”

Even when practices are cancelled, Anthony will go to the JCC to work on different components of her game, Girls Varsity Basketball co-Captain Olivia Kester (12) said.

“Something that is very telling about her personality is that she watches her turnovers after each game in order to elevate her playing even further,” Halley Robbins (11) said.

“I feel lucky to have the experience of playing with Ella because she wants to have fun. Basketball is a sport after all, but she also helps our team lock in mentally and execute well,” Robbins said.

Anthony is not only a high achiever on the court, but also she is a great person, Barile said. “She loves playing with her teammates, and she is always smiling.”

Anthony always makes herself available to teammates for any questions they may have, Kester said.

Anthony looks to improve whenever she can, and her goals extend beyond scoring 1,000 career points, she said. “We ultimately want to win the league championship, and outside of school I want to do really well with my AAU team,” Anthony said. “Beyond high school my goal is to play high major Division I basketball and maybe even play professionally, depending on how I do in college.”