Editorial – Senioritis

Editorial Board

Beware the crippling plague that bites every senior like a blood-thirsty vampire at the start of the spring: senioritis. Experiencing symptoms of faltering academic motivation, repeated absences and tardiness, a strange persistent rash, and a diminished incentive to tend to extracurricular responsibilities, members of the senior class fall prey to idleness and struggle to find motivation to prioritize learning.

Rather than engaging in the senior slump, the Record Editorial Board urges its readers, regardless of what grade, to consider the spring as an opportunity to embrace the personal interests that shape who we are, be it sketching, general sketchiness, trying out for the ultimate frisbee team, or learning how to play the guitar. Continue to feed the flame of ambition that drives us to learn, explore, and understand, as it is our pursuit of personal passions that makes life and learning meaningful. However, beware of burns.

For example, the Teen Art Gallery, an exhibition of student art run and curated entirely by teens, exemplifies our generation’s zeal and spirit. Filled with art ranging from photography to painting to poetry to sculpture, the gallery celebrates student creativity and its theme ‘Gen Z’ explores our generation’s capacity to engage in political and social issues. Get off your phone and go!

Let us enter the spring with a sense of appreciation and enthusiasm, ready to explore our interests rather than forget them.