Spotlights on MD sports stars: James Ho

Yin Fei, Contributing Writer

The Middle Division (MD) Swim team left the pool with a great season, with many of the athletes either beating their previous times or setting personal goals that they accomplished.

One swimmer in particular, James Ho (7), shined in an especially memorable way throughout the entire winter sports season, according to MD Boys Swim Team Coach Michael Duffy.

Having a competitive swim background was found to be very useful in the sense that Ho was able to showcase his knowledge of the basic fundamentals and apply them as such, Duffy said.

Due to having about 4 years of prior training outside of school, Ho was able to be more flexible, which was especially useful during making the line-up sheets, he said.

“He was a real team player and made an effort to participate in all the events we asked him to,” Duffy said.

For example, he tried to help fill in for events people didn’t want to do, Ho said.

“He evolved over the course of the season by swimming in some of the long distance events that he was wary about in the beginning,” Duffy said. This also demonstrates his willingness to adjust and be a part of the team, he said.

“James is very motivated and he is determined whether it be out of school, or a school swim meet,” fello teammate Benjamin Wu (7) said. “He also loves to cheer on his teammates and when in a relay together he motivates them, telling them that they did great, and is a very friendly person,” Wu said.

“James is a great role model and I can safely speak for the whole team that he makes us want to continuously drop time,” he said.

Nevertheless, there’s always room for improvement, Duffy said.

“I want to learn to balance my time on schoolwork and going to practices especially in the upcoming high school years,” Ho said.