Lions Den Update: Ski

John Mauro, Staff Writer

Finishing first overall in the Southern division of The New York Ski Racing League, the Varsity Ski Team enjoyed many victories this season.

“Our fastest skiers were Adam Frommer (10), Emma Djoganopoulos (10), and Kai Galvan-Dubois (12)”, co-Captain Ryan Leung (12) said. “Many of our skiers improved greatly over the season, such as Nelson Gaillard (11) and Natasha Gaither (12)” Leung said.

Dubois and Frommer respectively finished first and second in several races, Leung said.

“Although we skied very well, because it’s a public school league, we couldn’t really advance to the next level of competition,” Leung said. “The public school league is getting a new director, and all the other schools are pushing for us to be able to advance to the next round, so hopefully we’ll be able to participate next year.”

The team is a significant time commitment. The drive to the slopes is over an hour each way, Hannah Long (12) said. “Everyone was really welcoming and encouraging no matter what we were doing- whether it was practice or during an actual race,” Jade Ciriello (9) said. “Everyone would cheer each other on and the upperclassmen would always be inclusive.”

“During the very last race of the season, it was raining and pretty miserable,” Frommer said. “After the race, we decided to go to Dairy Queen.

“The seniors and the whole team were so supportive and kind, even from the very start of the season. Every one was constantly including each other, and I feel like the whole team got really close by the end of the season,” Liliana Greyf (9) said.

“I’m very excited for next year’s season,” Ciriello said. “We’ve built a great community, and I’m hoping we can find some new skiers next year to make it just as great as it was this year,” she said.