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Intech tutoring club works with Bronx middle schoolers

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Intech tutoring club works with Bronx middle schoolers

Annabelle Chan

Annabelle Chan

Annabelle Chan

Kate Feiner, Staff Writer

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Students from the school have a chance to give back to the larger Bronx community and help younger children succeed academically through the Intech Academy tutoring program.

The Intech tutoring program was started this year by Ishaan Kannan (11), Yesh Nikam (10) said.  Kannan was working for the debate program at Intech Academy when Intech Academy’s dean Wendy Spector expressed an interest in having the school’s students come to help tutor, Kannan said. 

The tutors visit Intech Academy every Monday and Wednesday, in order to help middle schoolers who are struggling to grasp difficult concepts, Kannan said. 

According to Nikam, the relationship between the school’s tutors and Intech students is very strong, he said. “Most of us see the same students every session, so over the year we’ve built a close relationship with the students.” 

Many of the tutors, such as Noah Phillips (11), have had the chance to work with students from very different backgrounds, Philips said.

One of Phillips’ students spoke only Spanish, and he had to use his knowledge from school in order to teach her, he said.  “When she started to get it, she was very appreciative of my help, and I felt very proud,” Phillips said.

Many of the children at Intech Academy are failing certain subjects and are sent by Spector to get help, Kannan said.

“I’ve noticed that it’s almost never from a lack of aptitude or capability but rather they feel a lack of motivation when they try to study on their own and still do poorly,” Kannan said. “That’s why I think our program is important.”

Ahaana Shrivastava (10), who has signed up to work as a tutor during the second semester, hopes to apply the skills she has learned as a Middle Division Mentor when working with the younger children, she said.

“They may not be as fortunate as us or have the same resources as we do at Horace Mann,” Phillips said.  “It is important for us to put our privilege in check and realize what is going on beyond what we see on a daily basis, and it is important for them that we help out and give back to the best of our ability and share as many resources as we can.”

Nikam feels that Intech gives him a chance to look at things from a different perspective, and realize how lucky he is to go to a school like Horace Mann, he said.   “Personally, I enjoy helping others and Intech gives me a way to do that while growing my own leadership and mentoring skills,” said Nikam.

Intech gives students the ability to share the educational opportunities given to them with students who may otherwise have no exposure to the useful learning and studying habits we are taught, Kannan said.    

“As Horace Mann students, we are part of an extremely lucky community that is privileged enough to receive such a high quality education and with that privilege comes a certain responsibility to give back to the community,” Shrivastana said.

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Intech tutoring club works with Bronx middle schoolers