Letter from wellness week organizers

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Hi HM!

We hope you’ve been enjoying Wellness Week 2019! This year, The Wellness Initiative Club really tried to emphasize and drive home how multi-faceted wellness is. We strongly believe that health and wellness affects everyone in our community in both big and small ways. Whether you find wellness as a matter of finding ways to destress, incorporating more physical health into your daily routine, learning more about mental health disorders, or something entirely different, we hope we helped you find a meaningful way to promote wellness in your life and in our community. This week, we’ve collaborated with students and faculty from all around the school  to design workshop ideas ranging from Continual Police Brutality and its Effect on Black Mental Health to Therapy Dogs to Muraling and everything in between! Moreover, we had an awesome assembly featuring our inspiring Keynote speaker, Hakeem Rahim, who came to Horace Mann to talk about about his journey with mental health issues and his mission to eliminate the stigma around mental illness. It was an incredible week of important discussions and activities about mental health and wellness. We encourage you to continue those conversations and find ways to incorporate wellness in your daily life. 

In good health,

Alex Crotty, Emily Zeppieri, and The Counseling and Guidance Department