“Mind-Body Connection”

Emily Shi, Staff Writer

In the “Mind Body Connection” workshop, run by School Nurse DeAnna Cooper and Health Teacher Amy Mojica, students will investigate the factors that determine their health and develop strategies to focus on the connection between their mind and body.

The workshop will be structured as an “open class” during H period today that emulates the

foundational aspects of the health curriculum, as Wellness Week happens to coincide with the

beginning of a new trimester of health class, Mojica said.

To begin the workshop, Cooper and Mojica plan to present a PowerPoint that teaches students

about holistic medicine, interactions between the mind and body, the difference between

Eastern and Western medicine, and ways to decrease stress in life,” Cooper said.

After the PowerPoint, students will evaluate their own health in a technique also implemented

during last year’s workshop. The activity, typically the first one done in a trimester of health, will be based around a “wellness wheel” to evaluate students’ own health. “I used this idea

of connecting the mind and body to continue the conversation to the next health class,” Mojica


Finally, students will practice implementing the strategies they learned about in a

meditation exercise, Cooper said.

Mojica wants students to understand how different aspects of health intersect, she said. “Various factors come together for a person’s health. I think that showing the connection and taking a moment to talk about mental health and how it influences everything else is really important.”

Mojica and Cooper have both been engaging in their own research on the relations between

the mind and body in order to prepare for the experience. However, interacting with the students

each day serves as one of the best strategies to prepare for the workshop, Mojica said.

“I have the advantage of seeing the students when they’re feeling ill and can tell what some

trends are among the students, and I’ve seen a lot of different symptoms related to anxiety

since I started at the school this year,” Cooper said. “I hope that we’ll come up with a plan to promote mindfulness and encourage the students to take care of themselves a little better.”