“Resilience and Mental Health”

Julia Goldberg, Staff Writer

Peri Brooks (12), Emily Zeppieri (12), Iliana Dezelic (12), and psychology teacher Kristen Zatarski led a workshop on the relationship between resilience and mental health.

“Though the workshop was mainly targeted towards the Intro to Psychology and AP Psychology classes, other classes were of course welcome, too,” Brooks said.

The workshop included a presentation, which shared research on how resilience can affect someone’s overall well-being, Zeppieri said.

To start, Brooks, Zeppieri, and Dezelic explained that resilience means adapting well in the face of trauma, tragedy, threats, or significant forms of stress, Brooks said.They then discussed how building resilience takes confidence and motivation.

The leaders of the workshop then asked the audience to think of times during which their friends were struggling, as well as times they themselves were struggling. The audience was prompted to consider the difference in reaction between the two scenarios.

Reflecting on how kind you are capable of being toward others can remind you that you are also capable of being kind toward yourself, and that you deserve compassion, too, Dezelic said.

Zeppieri was eager to hear from those who attended the workshop. “I’m most excited about any questions the audience may have or personal anecdotes students might be willing to share about their experience with resilience,” Zeppieri said.

For Brooks, leading this workshop is far from a chore. “Creating these psychology-focused workshops didn’t feel like busy work to me,” Brooks said. “It’s a topic I love teaching people about.”