Julia Goldberg, Staff Writer

For Kimberly Dutta (10) and Pascale Zissu (10), organization is the key to success. The purpose of their wellness week workshop was to inform and assist other students on how they too could use organization to thrive both inside and outside of the school environment, Zissu said.

Zissu and Dutta both feel that organization is crucial to destressing, which is a major aspect of wellness week, Zissu said. “We have fun with organization, and it’s essential to my life; I can’t do homework or study without a plan of what I need to do and a clean desk,” Zissu said.

The workshop began with an informative session, led by Dutta and Zissu, along with the workshop’s advisor, the school’s learning specialist Lisa Woody. Together, they explained why organization is so necessary, discussing the impact organization can have on grades and mental health. “We know a lot about organization, and others might not, so we wanted to help [students]  by sharing what we know,” Dutta said.

Zissu and Dutta then explained tips which they personally find helpful, ranging from topics as crucial as time management to the  organization of school supplies, Dutta said.

Zissu wanted to teach students how to make time for relaxation, she said. “We want the workshop to inform students of how they can acknowledge when they’re overbooked with activities and how to add time to relax into such a busy schedule,” Zissu said.

Emma Djoganopoulos (10), who attended the workshop, gained new time management skills. “I learned a lot about approaching tasks with efficiency,” she said.

Adam Frommer (10), who also attended, said he learned how to divide his work into smaller portions. “I did learn a lot about how to better manage my time; Pascale and Kimberly talked about ways to address finishing tasks, and one way that stuck with me was taking large assignments and making to-do lists for them,” Frommer said.

“Breaking up tasks allows overwhelming ideas to feel much more manageable and [also] makes you feel much more productive. I’ll definitely try to use this system more,” Frommer said.