Profiles on stand-out female athlete: Bella Harrison

Lauren Ho, Contributing Writer

A key player of the Seventh Grade Girls Basketball team this past season was Bella Harrison (7), a point guard whose fierce competitiveness and great ball handling skills helped to bring the team to a three-and-one season.

One of Bella’s main strengths is that she’s fast off the dribble and shoots well, Coach Chris Nelson said. Additionally, Bella helps to set the tempo by pushing the ball up the court in transition, which helps the team play better overall, he said.

“What makes her stand out is the focus she brings to the sport,” Nelson said.

Harrison began playing basketball when she was in first grade. “One of my friends was obsessed with basketball and urged me to play,” she said. “I really liked it and I’ve been playing ever since. I have been on a number of different teams before joining the school team, as well as several East Coast tournaments.”

“Bella has brought her previous experience with her and has added to the team by helping those who are not as experienced in basketball learn,” teammate Sarah Angevine (7) said.

“One thing that was awesome was that after she broke her arm, she could still make three-pointers,” Angevine said.

Coach Nelson also felt that Bella learned from her mistakes quickly, being able to correct herself over the course of the season, he said. “During our first game, she got into foul trouble playing defense aggressively. She learned quickly from that experience, but I think it is a constant balance of knowing when to pressure and knowing when to play it safe,” he said.

Although Harrison and her teammates had an impressive season, she still believes that she has much to improve on, she said. “I think I did a good job of controlling the court as point guard, but I would like to improve on my passing and shooting abilities when under pressure,” she said.

Harrison hopes to also achieve her goal of playing basketball through college, and hopefully going to Division I, she said.