Profiles on stand-out female athletes: Clementine Bondor

Vivien Sweet, Staff Writer

This past season on the Middle Division (MD) Crew Team, Clementine Bondor (8) rowed her way to the top and cheered on her fellow teammates along the way.

Despite having no previous experience, Clementine was immediately drawn to rowing on the erg, she said. “After the first day of tryouts, I knew it was going to be my sport,” she said.

Bondor was an exceptionally hard worker this season, which made her stand out, MD Crew Team Coach Chelsea Ernest said. “She’s really one of the athletes who pushes herself when she sits on the machine,” Ernest said. “You can see the difference in how she rows rather than just being there and going through the motions.”

According to Bondor, even though the crew team never competed against another school, they often divided into teams and raced against each other. “It was always my goal all seasons to work towards being one of the faster people on the team,” she said.

Not only is Bondor an exceptional rower, she is also a supportive and motivated teammate, Coco Trentalancia (8) said.

“Even when some of us are in practice and it’s not our best day for us, she always finds a way to stay positive when it comes to competing against others on the team,” Trentalancia said. 

Bondor actively encouraged her teammates which fostered a strong team environment, Ernst said. “You can tell that she’s always pushing herself which in turn pushes the people around her,” she said.

Bondor will continue to improve her times and row in the offseason, she said.

“I like the sport because I think it’s the perfect mix of technique and strength,” Bondor said. “With most sports it’s you do whatever you can to get the ball in the basket, or you have to perfect every little technical aspect of the game, but crew is a good combination of both of them.”