Tight-knit Boys Swim Team finishes strong season

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Tight-knit Boys Swim Team finishes strong season

Eva Fortunato

Eva Fortunato

Eva Fortunato

Masa Shiiki, Staff Writer

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The crowd in the newly built stands roared as the swimmers raced neck to neck in the pool. As co-Captain Ben Hu (12) finished the race, his teammates cheer him on and a bright smile lit up his face.

The Boys Varsity Swim Team finished their season with a record of 6-0 and every member contributed to the successful season, Varsity Swim Team Assistant Coach Caroline Shannon said.

The upperclassmen were huge sources of motivation for the underclassmen, Jonathan Mong (10) said.

“Allen Park (12) demonstrated dedication by moving to the fastest lane and it showed through his steady improvements throughout the season,” co-Captain Leonard Song (12) said.

“It was all about the team effort. The 10 seniors really made teamwork an emphasis from day one,” Boys Varsity Swim Head Coach Michael Duffy said.

The practices were long and demanding, but the seniors tried to make them fun and interactive, co-Captain Colin Mark (12) said.

“The atmosphere was very intense and training was brutal at times, but I enjoyed it,” Sean Koons (12) said.

“People are jealous of not being able to join a tight-knit group like us. Therefore they consider us a cult,” Mong said.

“Everyone wishes that they could dress up in team spirit and be part of our swim bondings and parties,” Koons said.

The team is special because it has a lot of depth and a high level of energy that allows them to work together and strive forward, Shannon said.

The team broke school records in the 200 freestyle relay and the 200 medley relay, and also was third all time in the 400 free relay record.

It was a highlight and a privilege to be a part of two relay records, Park said.

The team is really talented, and every single member is unselfish, Duffy said. “They do what is best for the team.”

Throughout the year, the team performed very consistently, but the highlight was beating the team’s rival Trinity in a dual meet,  Koons said.

Unfortunately, the team finished second place at the Ivy League Championships, losing to only long time rival Trinity.

“This team’s ability to fight and grind no matter what the circumstances led to the successful season,” Shannon said. “It was all about the grit and grind.”

“This team was willing to put in the time and dedication to succeed. We were able to go from a 3-3 team last season to an undefeated team this year,” Duffy said.

The tremendous energy that the seniors brought to the pool made them a special group, Mong said.

“I will miss the seniors hard work and determination to achieve their goals. Their goal was to have the best possible record and they did a great job achieving that through work ethic and motivating the underclassmen,” Shannon said.

Many of the seniors swam for all four years which gave the seniors a strong connection and bond, Koons said.

“Being part of the HM swim team allowed for me to build some of the strongest friendships, memories and times that I will never forget.” Song said.

This team made each of the swimmers feel like they were part of something bigger than swim, Mark said.

“I definitely will miss this team. I wish the team the best for the years to come,” Park said.

“The swimmers all brought inspiration and joy into their passions,” Duffy said. “This aura of the swim team is becoming a tradition.”