AirPods (TM) now available in library

Gabby Kepnes, Staff Writer

As you may know, Katz Library allows students to check out items like books, textbooks, portable phone chargers, and laptops. Due to the overwhelming abundance of “Missing AirPods” emails filling everyone’s First Class inboxes, the school administration in conjunction with Chair of the Library Department Ms. Caroline Bartella have decided to purchase 30 AirPod sets and have them be available in the Katz Library.

“AirPods seem to be the hottest trend on the block these days,” Dean of Students Dr. Susan Delanio said. “Whether someone has lost theirs or they haven’t gotten their hands on them, this new addition to the library’s stock of ‘rentables’ will surely please the Gen Zers who seem to have expressed quite an obsession over this commonality.”

Most students have been looking forward to this new addition since the trend became popular.

“AirPods, bro!” A freshman said upon hearing the news and then did the hype.

“I’ve been an AirPod user since they came out on December 13th, 2016,” Julianne Képnas said. “This way, if I forget mine at home or leave them in the library, I don’t have to go through the pain of being deprived all day!”

However, others are concerned about the hygiene aspect.

“I’m quite confused as to how the administration thinks that hundreds of students using the same AirPods won’t be a problem,” Quiarra Rouyre said.

Bartella, who was part of this decision, explained that she had already thought this through and envisioned a cleaning station.

“After a student is done with the AirPods, they must use one of the Clorox wipes provided at the circulation desk,” she said. “This way the students have a chance to thoroughly clean the AirPods before another student might check them out, and if not, what’s a little earwax between friends?”

The librarians also see this as an opportunity for the students to get creative.

“We’re planning on hosting an AirPods Week, similar to Unity Week or Music Week,” Bartella said. “The community can host various workshops like decorating the new AirPods with school logo stickers, therefore making it harder for students to confuse the school’s AirPods for their own.”

In addition to the decorating, the Community Cabinet (CC), will add a special section to their haiku page where students will be able to suggest the latest music they’ve been listening to on their AirPods,” Chair of the CC Bryana Banana said. “As long as it’s not Mo Bamba. That song is trash.”

Maddissonne Lina will check out a pair because recently, another student accidentally mistook Lina’s AirPods for their own due to the universal plain, white appearance, Lina said.

“Even though I had to cut the wires off my original headphones in replacement of my lost AirPods, I’m truly not worried because thanks to the school administration, I can use AirPods again!” Lina said.

As of the writing of this article, 26 of the 30 pairs have been lost and eight students have ear infections.