Freshman bullying seniors

Darius McCullough, Staff Writer

A spitball flies across the hallway and hits the Student Body President in the face as she leaves her Advanced Placement Calculus classroom. She turns around and sees a group of freshmen snickering near the water fountain on the third floor of Tillinghast hall. A senior gets pelted with a snowball as he crosses the field (illegally) to go Advanced Placement Chemistry. These are daily occurrences at the school this year, as the issue of freshmen bullying Sen19rs spreads as senior spring approaches.

“It’s getting ridiculous,” the SBP said. “It is happening over and over again throughout my day, I just want to come to school to learn and have fun with my friends.”

It has been discovered that the Office of Guidance and Counseling is, in fact, facilitating this bullying of the seniors with their own program: Horace Mann Orientation (HMO).

“HMO is a great way to immerse freshmen into the culture of high school while keeping their middle school tendencies,” Guidance and Counseling said. “We have to make sure they manage high school with all of the traits of middle school life. If that includes bullying the seniors then that’s what the freshmen have to do.”

“I knew something was wrong with HMO when a freshman kept teasing me for not being able to get the class to watch my PowerPoint during the club’s fair class,” the valedictorian said.

Many freshmen are defending themselves with the common excuse of “They’re annoying what are we supposed to do?” the ninth Grade Dean said. There is a common disdain for the seniors among the Class of ‘22.

“Can you blame us?” the ninth grade Class President said. “All the seniors do is wear college apparel and tell the rest of the school to not go into their study room. Does anyone even know what they do during the second semester?”

Freshmen do not understand why seniors get all of the attention. “All they are doing is going to college…that’s it. What makes them so special?”

“We can’t wait for them to leave,” a former black jacket said. “Class of ‘22 runs things around here now”.

“I’ll just leave it like this,” her bestie added. “There’s a reason why we’re the first class that is going to get Lutnick Hall for all four years.”

Seniors don’t know why the freshmen have turned on them all of a sudden.

Despite all of these events, some students still attempt to defend the seniors.

“I don’t see why they get picked on so much,” a junior said. “We’re all gonna be seniors at one point.” Shortly after the interview, the junior was booed off his bus by a group of freshmen.

“This is probably the biggest school issue since the snow school bus crisis in November,” the Head of School said.

“We’re supposed to be strangers met in friendship,” a senior said. “The freshmen seem to have forgotten about the friendship part.”

This bullying requires a serious reinforcement of the school’s five core values, the Head of School said. “We won’t be able to fix this problem with socks.” He will look to settle this pressing issue in the next few weeks before the beginning of Senior Spring, the Head of School said.