Squash for the common good

Alison Isko and Lauren Ho

Six members of the Varsity Squash team participated in the Ninth Annual Street Squash Junior Cup on April 13th and 14th, a charity event was dedicated to supporting city athletes, Nora Balidemaj (10) said. Although it was the school’s first time sending students to the competition, the team raised $2,600 in donations from friends and family, Sam Chiang (10) said.

The tournament, run by the Street Squash Program, raised  money to provide academic support for city kids, while encouraging the kids to play squash, student participant, Chiang said. “The event attracted more than 100 nationally ranked junior squash players from around the city,” he said.

Players came from eleven different schools and many prestigious private clubs in the city, such as the Harvard  Club  and  the  Yale   Club,  Peter  Lehv (11) said

The program supports students from middle school through college, providing resources and after school programs, Chiang said. “I play at Street Squash every Sunday and tutor students with other members of the Varsity Squash team,” he said.

“Participants in the tournament emailed and texted friends and family to ask them to support the cause,” Balidemaj said.

One of the highlights for students who attended the event was winning the award for the highest amount of individual donations, Jiang said.

“During the event, we did not play as well as we hoped because there were tons of great teams,” Tommy Kagan (11) said. “However, the experience was very fun,” he said.

“Since I have been volunteering at Street Squash for a few years, I have developed a nice connection with the program,” Kagan said.

Lehv participated three times previously and decided to continue his involvement this year because he wanted to play for a great cause and have fun with his teammates, he said.

While Chiang previously participated with an out-of-school squash coach, this year, he wanted to share the experience with his friends and teammates from school, he said.

“We have a really strong sense of camaraderie, so it was fantastic to play,” Chiang said.