Talent show raises funds for music education charity

The Show, taking place after school next Friday, will feature student talent in music, comedy, slam poetry, beatboxing, and more.

Bernie Williams, a Grammy-nominated artist, former Yankee, and school alumnus, will also perform in the Show.

“We are hoping older Yankees fans and music fans will show up as a result,” Eunice Bae (12), who helped organize the event, said.

Williams runs a charity in Puerto Rico called the Oboe Mobile Foundation, which helps underfunded music programs teach music to kids, James Gluck (12), another organizer of the Show, said. All the proceeds from the Show will go to the charity in the school’s name, Gluck said.

Though the organizers are still spreading the word about the Show, “approximately eight different acts and 15 students signed up to perform already,” Bae said.

“This year is special because we are funding music programs that are vastly underfunded throughout the world and helping relief from a hurricane, so this a double whammy in the help we can give,” Eva Fortunato (12), another organizer, said.

Audrey Yu (12), Cindy Kaiser (12) and Dora Woodruff (11) will be performing in a trio at the Show, Yu said. Yu will play the cello, Kaiser the flute, and Woodruff the oboe.

Ben Rosenbaum (12) and Muhaiminul Ashraf (12) plan on beatboxing for their act in the Show. Having performed in the Show twice before, Rosenbaum believes that the Show “is a great opportunity for people to show their talents but for a good cause, not just for the purpose of showing off,” he said.

In addition to music, the event will feature comedians like Spencer Kahn (11).  Kahn participated in the Show two years ago and is excited to return, he said. The set he prepared is one that he also performed “at a competition with Kenan Thompson, which took a few months to prepare,” he said.

“The show has gone on for at least five years,” Fortunato said. However, this year’s show is different from past shows in that “instead of solely music, the Show is embracing other talents from unconventional musicians,” Fortunato (12) said.