Singing into spring

Henry Owens, Staff Writer

Over 200 Middle Division singers and musicians performed in Gross Theatre for the Spring Concert on Tuesday afternoon. The Middle Division Chorus (MD Chorus), Concert Band, Horizons Ensemble, HM Strings, and Chamber Orchestra all performed.

MD Chorus, directed by N-12 Music Program Coordinator Timothy Ho, performed a variety of songs, ranging from “Dies Irae,” a classical piece in Latin by Mozart, to “We Belong,” an 80’s rock anthem. They also sang a Hawaiian piece called “Kabuki al Manoa.”

“Mr. Ho is Hawaiian and always shows his heritage through the songs we perform,” Megumi Iwai-Louie (8) said.

“It’s nice because we can always get a lot of background on what we’re singing,” Jared Contant (8) said.

Ho also teaches the hula, specific motions that are traditional to Hawaii and correspond with what is being sung, Iwai-Louie said.

This concert holds special significance for the eighth graders, Contant said. “It’s our last concert with everybody before going to graduation and high school.”

“I feel like they were as prepared as they could be,” Ho said. “Everybody has been working very hard, but some of the music was challenging, the Mozart in particular,” he said.

“Our performance was very good,” said Emily Salzhauer (8) said. “Everyone worked really hard and I think it definitely paid off.”

Several former members of MD ensembles attended the concert. Jonathan Mong (10) was in MD Chorus for two years andw is a current member of Concert Glee. “MD Chorus seemed a lot more experienced than when we were in the ensemble. They were all very talented,” Mong said.

Both MD bands, Concert Band and Horizons Ensemble, performed in the Spring Concert with their previous concert in December.

“I think we’ve grown more as a band together, we know what we each do individually and how to blend that together,” Ericka Jiang (7), a member of Concert Band, said.

Concert Band performed two pieces, “Electricity” and an arrangement from Harry Potter, Jiang said. Jiang likes the Harry Potter piece because she’s heard it before from the movies, and now she gets to play it.

HM Strings performed a number of songs, including “Pulcinella” and “The Banks of Green Willow.” They had been working on these pieces since their previous concert in December, Ella Shaham (7) said.

“We’ve had more time to prepare these pieces than we did in the winter concert, so I think it feels a lot more comfortable,” Shaham said.

“I remember playing in orchestra when I was in Middle School and it was overall a good experience. It was really nice to see all the middle schoolers now show casing the work they’ve done over the last trimester,” Gabby Fischberg (10) said.

“I think it was a good experience for the ensemble to perform in front of everyone, and show them what we have been doing for the past four months. The concert really highlighted and made us realize what a great job we had done, and how lucky we were to be part of HM Strings,” Saiya Mittal (7) said.