Crew team finishes choppy season

Alison Isko, Staff Writer

“The [crew] season so far has been quite a roller coaster,” Jhanae Ottey (9) said.

At the first regatta, the novice boat came in fourth and the JV boat came fifth. Both boats came sixth in the second regatta, Ottey said.

The boys did similarly well, with the Boys Varsity four-person boat coming in fifth in the last race, co-captain Nader Granmayeh (12) said. However, “our first regatta saw an impressive finish from our Girls Novice eight and the most recent one saw the Boys Varsity four come from behind to take over a crew; I’ve been really happy with the cohesion of the team,” he said.

Since the team has a lot of new rowers this year, they have been focusing closely on their technique and timing, co-captain Tenzin Sherpa (12) said. “I was already able to see so much improvement in everyone during these past two regattas.”

“I’ve been really impressed with our novices and how they’re adapting to the new sport,” Granmayeh said. He has also been very proud of the chemistry built on the Varsity four boat, consisting of himself and co-captains Leonard Song (12), Ben Hu (12), and Young Joon Kim (12).

Everybody on the team is extremely dedicated, Granmayeh said. Last year, the team was “prioritizing fitness over technique,” but this year they’ve been more focused on form in the boat and other technical skills.

“The dynamic is better than last year,” Kim said. “We are energetic, lively, and ready to come to practice every day.”

The recent changes in the gym facilities have not affected the on-campus practices much, Granmayeh said. Though they are helpful and more accessible, they’re functionally the same, he said.

When practices take place on campus, the team runs, uses the rowing machines, and works out in the fitness center. The off-campus practices take place in a boathouse in New Rochelle, where “the Boys four flipped last week. Experiences like this make us all leave with interesting stories to tell,” Ottey said.

“One of the reasons I come back to the crew team every year is because of the people on the team,” Sherpa said. “Everyone is so fun to be around, and I know that I can count on each and every person to do their part to make the team the best that it can be.”

Although this year’s crew team lost many rowers from last year, they’re still very close and supportive of one another, Hu said.

“A rower [that] stands out to me is Jolie [Nelsen],” Sherpa said. “This is Jolie’s second year on the team, and she’s shown amazing improvement both off and on the water.”

“The spring season is always the quickest season, and I could not be more proud of each crew and how they have progressed in a short amount of time. I am very excited to see how they will race [at Stotesbury],” coach Chelsea Ernst said.

The crew team’s next and final regatta of the season is the Stotesbury Cup in Philadelphia on Friday, May 17.