Inside the Fitness Center: Go behind the scenes of school athletics – Colin Barile: The lesser known Coach Barile

Oliver Steinman, Staff Writer

Most students know Associate Athletic Director Ray Barile, but very few know that his son, Colin, works just down the hall in the Fitness Center.

10 years ago, Colin Barile had no idea that he wanted to become a fitness trainer, he said.

“In high school, I was overweight. My brother and one of my best friends told me I was lazy,” Colin Barile said. “This lit a fire in me, and I fell in love with fitness.” Since then, Colin Barile has lost 60 pounds, he said.

After high school Barile received his fitness specialist certification from SUNY Rockland. He then worked at the National Council on Strength and Fitness, where he also earned his personal trainer and sports nutrition certification. He is currently working on his strength coach certification.

His favorite type of workout is weightlifting and strength training, Colin Barile said. “I feel a sense of accomplishment each time I lift a weight,” he said. “It’s a reminder that if you want something in life, you got to work for it.”

White rice with chicken is his go-to post-workout meal, but protein powder is an easy substitute.

He joined the athletic staff two years ago as a fitness instructor and began coaching Middle Division baseball this year. In addition to his job at the school, he runs LionHeart Athletic, a fitness company dedicated to personal training, nutrition, and fitness gear.

Colin Barile attributes his success in fitness to his father, Ray. “He’s been hard on me, but he has always pushed me to be the best I can be,” Colin Barile said. “Throughout it all, he has been nothing but supportive.”

The younger Barile now tries to help students the way his father supported him, he said.

“[Colin] is always pushing us to do our best because he is energetic and driven,” Josh Benson (12) said.

“Even when I’m failing that last rep, Colin motivates me to push through it,” Liam Futterman (10) said.

To Aidan McAndrew (10), Colin Barile is a friend as well as a coach. “He’s social with everybody that works out,” McAndrew said.

Colin Barile loves teaching students fitness, he said. “They work hard. Having them look up to me and seeing myself in some of them is awesome,” he said.

“I became a fitness instructor because I wanted to change people’s lives. I fell in love with fitness because it changed my life. Seeing other people’s lives changing for the better has been the most rewarding thing in my life,” Colin Barile said.