Meme groups HM students love: Kosher memes for good Jewish teens

Claire Goldberg, Staff Writer

Eliza Bender (11), Gloria Khafif (12), and Jude Herwitz (11) partnered together to cook up a new meme page, Kosher style.

Kosher Memes for Good Jewish Teens is a Facebook group originally created as a joke three years ago by a group of HM students to form a community of “wholesome memes for Jewish teens,” according to Eliza Bender (11).

The Facebook group was modeled off of another Jewish meme page called “Extra Crunky Memes for Funky Sephardim”, Bender said.

Kosher Memes for Good Jewish Teens is a public Facebook page with a following of 91 students. People are able to join the group, like, and comment on content posted by the creators of the group. Though suggestions are welcome, members besides those creators, however, are not able to post on the page, Bender said.

“When I was a freshman I wanted to have the type of community that “Extra Crunky Memes for Funky Sephardim had,” Bender said. “Eliza, Jude, and I started this group as a joke to poke fun at some of the pop-culture that we saw every day,” added Khafif.

The content is funny, relatable, and good-hearted, said Bender. “We had jokes between us that we wanted to share with people who might think they are funny,” Gloria Khafif (11) said.

After the first few posts, the group took off. “We didn’t think it would catch on with HM students, but one day someone tagged their friend on our post,” Khafif said.

A popular meme on the page is a Kippah with a Supreme symbol captioned: “For all you good Jewish children who just want to fit in during Shabbat.”

“It brought students together through means of comedy,” member Jack Eagan (11) said. Eagan joined because his friends were in the group and the content seemed funny, he said.

The meme page has around 10 posts. The group received The group has generated 86 likes in total, Bender said.  The group has not posted in a year, Khafif said. “We still joke about the group and the kinds of things we used to post,” Khafif said.

Bender considers the page a failure because it is no longer active.“We put the burden on ourselves to produce original content because we were the only ones who could post,” Bender said. Khafif thought the page failed because “it was just a phase,” she said.

“This article made me want to reactivate the page because it has a really good premise and wholesome memes,” Bender said. Students should be on the lookout and ready, because Kosher Memes for Good Jewish Teens is about to be revived, with more relatable and comical content than ever.