Meme groups HM students love: Dogspotting

Claire Goldberg, Staff Writer

Members of the Facebook group Dogspotting are pawsitively in for a treat. Every day, 1.3 million members of the Facebook group Dogspotting post, like, and share pictures and videos of adorable dog “spottings”. The criteria for a post consists of an image or video of an dog unknown to the photographer, and many HM students participate in this exciting group.

The page was created in February of 2008 and has gained a global following. In order to join the page, an invite from an existing member must be sent or an application must be filled out and sent to the Administrators of Dogspotting.

The premise of the group revolves around a competitive game. Depending on the quality of the post, members commenting on the page can award points. Some of the dogs’ traits that can award extra points are size, silly or comical actions in the photo or video, and the type of dog. However, if the dog “spots” the photographer back while they are taking the picture, the dog wins, according to the administrators of the page.

Many students at the school are huge fans of this page. “I joined Dogspotting because I read a few Buzzfeed articles about it,” member Reina McNutt (11) said. “I also talked about it with one of my friends who was in the group. I love dogs, and I don’t have one, so Dogspotting is my dog place,” McNutt said .

Taimur Moolji (11), joined Dogspotting because his friend sent him an invite to join the group and the premise of the group seemed exciting. “It’s just fun to see dog videos when I’m scrolling through my Facebook feed,” Moolji said.

“I joined Dogspotting because I love dogs,” member Sabrina Freidus (10) said. “I love being a part of it. It makes me smile all the time,” Freidus said.

So far, no student from the school has ever posted a dog spotting post in the group. “I’m not an active participant, though I look at the page a lot,” Mcnutt said. “But the page definitely makes me happy. The people who post are so wholesome,” she said.

The group is also a way for students to share enjoyable posts with their friends. “People will send me memes from the group to show me a funny post because they thought it would make me laugh or be relatable,” McNutt said.

Dogspotter Nina Gaither (10) likes the page because she can share posts with her friends and family, she said. “I have a bulldog so whenever I see a post with a bulldog I send it to my family,” she said.

“The group is actually the opposite of toxic,” McNutt said. “It’s beneficial to mental health and makes people happy.” Gaither added that the posts are monitored to ensure a positive environment.

Overall, Dogspotting has generated many fans at HM, as people indulge in its cute posts and share them with their friends and family. “It’s just people appreciating the amazing cuteness of dogs!” Freidus said.