The MD Boys’ Lacrosse team has experienced an eventful season under the coaching of MD Boys’ Lacrosse Coach Gregg Quilty.

“I feel like this season has been amazing overall, with a record of 3-3, and a huge improvement from last year when we didn’t win any games,” Julien Harcourt (8) said.

In practice, the players have been disciplined and have been working on different types of offense- such as an open set formation- as well as different types of defense – such as zone and man-to-man. Although the team only has a short amount of time for training, the team’s progression has clearly been translated into their play, Quilty said.

“Since they now understand so many new strategies, their spirits are also higher and each one of them seem to be enthusiastic to play,” Quilty said.

One highlight for the Lions was their 6-5 win against Riverdale last Thursday, Quilty said.

“We went into sudden death overtime against our rivals, who we have not beaten in three years. In overtime, I won the face off and scored right away, which was very exciting,” Harcourt said.

“We were able to avenge our previous losses to them, so it was definitely a huge boost of confidence,” Quilty said.

As a new team this year, the MD Boys’ Volleyball Team had 16 relatively inexperienced players, which made the season slightly challenging, MD Volleyball Head Coach Jason Torres said.

Because of the team’s inexperience, they worked on all aspects of the game during practice, covering “the basics of volleyball, from rotation to positions,” Torres said.

wever, the team greatly improved from the beginning of the trimester. “They all stand out in their own way, whether it’s setting, serving, hitting, or playing defense,” he said.  “They have all been progressing well enough to play as a [cohesive] team.”

“My favorite part of volleyball is the importance of teamwork and the atmosphere, as every member of the team is in it together,” Steve Yang (8) said.

The team’s improvement was evident during their two intra-squad games, which were one a highlight for Torres’s this season, he said. “They were exciting and filled with many rallies and aces,” said Torres.

“At no point is [the game] ever over,” Yang said. “A ball could go out of bounds and seem like a disaster but it can be brought back and be saved.”

Althogh the game is never over, the season is, as the MD volleyball team has no more games left this year, Torres said.

Despite having only six runners, the MD Boys’ Track Team looks forward to ending the season with a bang at the Gotham Games Championships on Monday, Vitor Agripino Maia Gabay (7) said.

However, the team has ten less players than last year, Marcus Lee (8) said. “Part of it may be that this year the athletic department added two more sports, which gave students more choices,” Coach Robert Harmon said.

Unfortunately, having fewer participants has stopped the team from competing in all the relay events, but luckily part of what makes the Track and Field Team great is that everybody can participate in individual events of their choice, Harmon said.

“I actually prefer the smaller team size because I get more individualized attention and suggestions from the coaches, Agripino said.

Some of the team’s highlights include Zach Montbach’s (7) top-time finish in the 80-meter hurdle at the Gotham Games Qualifiers and Parker Wischhover (8) finishing fourth out of 79 in the hundred-yard dash.

Although the team is still awaiting some of the results from the qualifiers, everybody is very excited about the championships. “It’s a big deal because it’s not only the Ivy League but rather all NY independent schools competing for the championship,” Harmon said.

While pushing themselves to improve their times, the MD Girls Track Team bonded together and looks forward to closing out the season next Monday at the Gotham Games, MD Girls’ Track Team Coach Meredith Cullen said.

“We had Caroline Madaio (8), Julia Phillips (7), and Daphne Tsai (7), among others, qualify for Gotham Games, and we’ve had a lot of improvements over the season,” Cullen said.  “During practice, the girls worked on hurdles, strong starts and finishes, and handoffs for their relays. Overall, it was really good.”

According to Madaio, the team has improved significantly from the start of the season with times becoming faster such as Madaio’s 800 meter time, which improved by 12 seconds. Despite two injuries during the season, the girls pushed through and continued to lower their times at meets.

“Many people had out of school commitments, and wouldn’t be able to make some of the meets, which left the entire team at a disadvantage,” said Ayesha Sen (8).  Even with an incomplete team, many girls still found the meets exciting, Cullen said. “Competing against other schools was the most exciting part of track,” Giselle Paulson (8) said. For Madaio, the support given by her teammates during meets was a highlight of the season, she said.

The Middle Division boys’ baseball team had an exciting and robust season.

The team is currently undefeated, left fielder Daniel Cornstein (7) said. “The success we’ve had this year is because they’re a really good group of kids,”  MD Baseball Assistant Coach Colin Barile said.

“We have a very good team with a lot of good talent, both in the 7th and 8th grades,” said MD Baseball Head Coach Edwin Santiago.

The team’s enthusiasm and camaraderie made them an especially pleasant team to work with and be on, said Barile.

“Every single time we go out, we go out to improve and play as a team, and the kids embrace that,” Santiago said. Jasper Adelman (8), Aden Soroca (8), and pitcher Jacob Silverstein (8) all stood out this season for their talent and commitment, he said.

One especially memorable moment was the first game of the season, said catcher Chase Forbes (7). “We struggled without our two best players, but we managed to overcome it and turn our season around.”

“The future is bright for Horace Mann Varsity Baseball,” Barile said.

The MD Girls’ Lacrosse team has had a roaring season, finishing undefeated and winning four games against the Fieldston Eagles, the Riverdale Falcons, and the Dalton Tigers. The key to such a talented team is their unity, support for each other and willingness to learn, MD Girls’ Lacrosse Head Coach Caroline Surhoff said.

“The team is like a family; we are all so close and have a lot of fun during each practice. Everyday we all look forward to going up to the field and playing again,” Tess Goldberg (8) said.

Although the rainy weather has been a challenge, since it limits the number of outdoor practices, they have continued to persevere and work hard, Surhoff said.

“The girls have also been improving on defensive footwork, learning to spread out to create scoring options on offense,” Surhoff said. However, they still need to decrease the number of stick fouls they commit, she said.

“Lacrosse isn’t really an easy sport. At times I can struggle with a play or learning when and where to take the perfect shot,” Goldberg said. Goldberg has learned to be a good team player and work her hardest, she said.

The team hopes to continue its winning streak and have even more exciting goals and assists in their home game against Dalton next Thursday, Surhoff said.

“Being on the tennis team is like being a part of an ensemble where I can collaborate with everyone and work hard,” Krish Gandhi said.

The MD boys tennis team is undefeated so far with one match left, Middle Division Tennis Head Coach Rawlins Troop said.

One of the main reasons for the team’s success is that the team has been primarily focusing on doubles strategies and rallying, which serves the added purpose of preparing the team to try out for JV and Varsity in high school, he said.

“Winning all of our matches was pretty exciting, but the most exciting thing for me is seeing how the kids progressed,” Troop said.

Jisang Kymm (7) thought that the matches were the most exciting part of the season because he was able to watch his teammates compete.  “Since there are limited tennis courts at the matches, as soon as somebody leaves to go for a match, there will always be someone coming back to cheer you on,” Gandhi said.

The team will look to end their season on a high note by bringing in one last win on May 21st in their match against Brunswick, a school in Greenwich. No matter the result of the game, Troop will still be very proud of the team for always rising to the occasion and putting forward their best effort, he said.

The new MD Ultimate Frisbee Team has started off with a record of one and one, and has two remaining matches. Although the team is composed of mainly inexperienced players, everybody has stepped up and learned how to compete together, Larry Tao (8) said.

“I’m really excited to have so many kids on the roster. Everybody’s improved a lot over the course of the season, partially because the majority of kids who tried out were new to ultimate,” Coach Chris Nelson said.

Despite being in its first year, the team has created lasting memories. “The moments I really cherish are where I see a player who has been struggling, figure out a skill or make a play that I wasn’t expecting,” Nelson said.

That same feeling is shared by the players. “Playing a new sport is really cool because it feels like we are building a community,” Bryan Jiang (8) said.

“The biggest challenge has been executing plays and formations in the field, as well as keeping our throws consistent,” Tao said.

Next week, the team will take on two teams who pose new competition and challenges. The team is looks forward to implementing new strategies such as stacking and moving vertically to open up more space, Jayden DeCambre (8) said.