CoCo moves to temporary home

Sam Singer, Staff Writer

The College Counseling Department will move into a temporary space in Pforzheimer this year before moving into a permanent office next to the Business Office on Tibbett Avenue.

The counselors will have fully moved into their interim home before school starts, and aim to be in their final office by early 2020, Executive Director of College Counseling Canh Oxelson said.

Director of Facilities Management Gordon Jensen, who supervises all facilities and construction, is excited for the new space the change will bring, he said. The College Counseling Department’s office will expand by over 50% in square footage, and counselors will have upgraded offices to meet with students, he said.

Oxelson agreed, saying that the move will benefit students.

“Our new permanent home will by light, airy, and much more functional than the old space,” he said. “Parking for parents and admissions reps will be much easier.”

The new space will feature more functionality through convertible conference/office spaces, larger meeting and waiting spaces, and an open-concept floor plan.

Jensen said he thinks the move will cause students to feel less stressed about the college process.

“The new College Counseling spaces will be more open, accessible, and provide comfort to students entering the college process,” he said. “We will look at these changes as opportunities to rethink how our physical spaces are used to support our students.”

“The moves will be worth it and exciting because Mr. Bates’ office is literally a closet, so it’ll be nice to have more room,” Nick Potash (12) said.

In the meantime, the College Counseling office will adapt to the short-term offices and make students feel comfortable, Oxelson said.

College Counselors will detail the plan to juniors and seniors in the fall, Oxelson said. The college process for seniors will not change.

Some students, such as Jack Eagan (12), believe that although inconvenient, the moves will not affect the quality of counseling they receive.

“It is imperative to work with the counselors, especially given this year’s minor road bump,” he said. “However, the quality of counseling seniors receive should not be affected.”

According to Potash, the College Counseling Department is more about the support the counselors provide than its’ physical location.

With the College Counseling Department’s move, its old office is being returned to the Middle Division, Oxelson said. The Middle Division will be expanding and using the new space for conference rooms, teacher spaces, and new classrooms, he said.