MD gets a makeover


Lucas Glickman and Abby Beckler

Pforzheimer Hall classrooms, the deans’ offices, and the interiors of Lutnick Hall, Prettyman Gym, and Friedman Hall.

Once spread throughout the floors of Rose Hall, the MD deans’ offices will now be consolidated on the ground floor, to the side of the atrium. This new suite will include the guidance counselors’ offices and meeting rooms.

“You have a lot of space now where you can have a private meeting or private conversation,” Head of the Middle Division Javaid Khan said. “Also, all your support folks are located in one place.”

The science labs in Pforzheimer Hall also lacked the modernity of those in Lutnick Hall.

“As identified in the school’s last decennial accreditation,[the school’s science facilities] were no longer adequate for the growing number of students studying the maximum number of credits in science, and then some. Also, we were struggling to find the appropriate lab spaces to meet the on campus needs of a growing number if independent research projects in the area of science,” Head of School Dr. Thomas Kelly said.

In these new Pforzheimer labs, all classrooms will have new lab tables and sinks which will allow for more complicated experiments during class. The more spacious classrooms will also feature new lighting and new equipment to allow for future curricular changes.

Another change will be the addition of a new MD Reading Room located in the old MD main office in Pforzheimer Hall, replacing the one in Katz Library. The old reading room will be converted into a multicultural space for the Upper Division. The purpose of these renovations was “to make a more middle-school-friendly building so kids aren’t always trekking all over the place, and so they can find everything they need in the newly available spaces,” Khan said.

The sidewalk around the entrance of Pforzheimer was also redone over the summer with the ability to melt snow during the winter, instead of maintenance staff putting down salt for the ice, Khan said. The sidewalk will heat up and the snow will be able to be swept or shoveled away with ease.

While this new sidewalk is currently only in the Pforzheimer Hall area, the school will hopefully incorporate more of these sidewalks throughout the rest of the campus in the coming years. “The ability to preclude the buildup of snow and ice will be added under all campus walkways around Alumni Field as additional improvements to the walkways are scheduled,” Kelly said. This will happen when the next round of renovations occurs within the next few years.

The renovations, which are part of Phase II of the HM in Motion capital campaign, were designed to improve the school as a whole with large-scale projects such as the Middle Division buildings, and smaller projects such as the new sidewalks, Kelly said. These renovations will benefit the school community overall, he said, as they help complete and modernize the school’s facilities.