New MD faculty profiles

Marina Kazarian and David Maydan

Mary Elizabeth Rosa

Mary Elizabeth Rosa is a new Spanish teacher. She will be teaching 6th and 8th grades this coming school year. Rosa’s experience teaching at both independent and public schools across a wide range of grade levels from nursery to 8th grade enables her to meet the developmental needs of all her students. As a Spanish teacher, she seeks to equip her students with the linguistic tools and cultural knowledge essential to actively engage within the global Spanish-speaking community. For Rosa, understanding the cultural diversity of the Spanish-speaking world is a crucial part of learning Spanish.

As a new member of the HM community, she is “most looking forward to fostering healthy friendships among faculty, staff, and students in addition to learning more about the HM community,” Rosa said.

Outside of teaching, Rosa enjoys cooking, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.


Emma McFarland

Emma McFarland, one of the two faculty members joining the Middle Division history department, will be teaching sixth and seventh grades this school year. McFarland studied history in college, where she became particularly interested in the history of art collection and American history. After graduating, she “worked in the museum education departments at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Whitney Museum of American Art,” McFarland said.

Outside of teaching, McFarland enjoys attending the theatre, visiting art museums and galleries, and traveling internationally.

McFarland feels very privileged to be joining the school community, she said. “I cannot wait to collaborate with my students and colleagues.”


Dennis Bogusz

French teacher Dr. Dennis Bogusz will be teaching both the sixth and eighth grades this school year. He originally developed his affinity for French in middle school. After developing this interest, Bogusz went on to study and work in Paris for several years. He also spoke French while working in French companies and international organizations in the United States, and most recently, he taught French at The Chapin School.

Aside from teaching, Bogusz likes running, hiking, plane spotting, and reading.

Bogusz is excited to share his love for the French language with more students. “Learning a language is like growing a garden,” Bogusz said. “First, you plant the seeds and then, you give them plenty of care. In time, you will have an entire garden of knowledge. My goal is to get my students to become really good gardeners.”

Anil Sookhoo

Anil Sookhoo will join the Middle Division Mathematics Department this school year. He discovered his love for math as a child when he enjoyed solving puzzles, and later decided to pursue the subject as a career. In college, he studied math, and in graduate school, he studied math education. As a mathematician, Sookhoo especially enjoys geometry and proofs.

As a sixth grade teacher, Sookhoo seeks to inspire both math-loving students and previously uninterested ones, and he hopes that every student will leave his class passionate about some math topic.

Sookhoo looks forward to not only inspiring his students, but also collaborating with his colleagues in the math department. “I didn’t often get a chance to collaborate with teachers at my old school because I was often the only math teacher, so I am looking forward to picking the minds of other math brains,” Sookhoo said.

Outside of teaching, Sookhoo enjoys collecting Disney and Mickey Mouse memorabilia, playing video games, and experimenting with new technological gadgets.

Justin Baker-Rhett

Joining the History Department in the Middle Division, Justin Baker-Rhett will be teaching sixth and eighth grades this school year. After discovering his passion for history early on as a middle school student, Baker- Rhett majored in history with a concentration in American history and eventually came to teach the subject at an independent school in the California Bay Area.

“I love the way in which history allows us to draw deep and meaningful connections between our past and our present and how our understanding of history continues to expand as we provide space for narratives that previously have been underrepresented in historical study,” Baker-Rhett said. As an educator, Baker-Rhett hopes to establish meaningful connections with his students in order to instill within them this same love for history.

An avid sports fan, Baker-Rhett enjoys rooting for the Warriors, the Giants, and the 49ers. “I’ve never worked at a school with a football team before!” he said. “I’ll have to check out a game.”

Stephanie Davidow

Stephanie Davidow will be teaching English to seventh and eighth-grade students. Davidow has prior experience at the Stanwich School in Greenwich, Connecticut and was Head of the English department at Corpus Christi School in Morningside Heights, New York.

Davidow’s mother is a teacher, so she spent the majority of her childhood in a classroom environment, which sparked her interest in teaching. She loves English because the potential for an array of understandings allowing readers to develop multidimensional liturgical connections and facilitate “spirited discussions where there are multiple right answers,” she said.

Outside of school, Davidow enjoys visiting museums, listening to live music in the East Village, and reading at dog parks with her dog.

As a teacher, Davidow hopes to help students become stronger readers and critical thinkers. “I’m a firm believer that the skill set you gain in school should have a practical application, and sometimes that practical application is using rhetorical appeals to convince your parents to buy you that new iPhone,” she said.