Girls Varsity Volleyball serves their way into new season


Henry Owens, Staff Writer

The Girls’ Varsity Volleyball team began their season with an away win against Riverdale on Wednesday. This was only their third game of the season, bringing them to a total of two wins and one loss.

The game was played to four sets, with Riverdale winning the third, and the school winning the first, second, and final. Each of the sets were close, with both teams scoring in the 20s.

Despite winning the game, some players felt that it was not their strongest performance. Prior to Wednesday’s game, the Lions had defeated Hunter and lost to Trinity.

“Riverdale isn’t as good as Trinity or Hunter, so we actually played down,” Brigette Kon (12) said. “We had our good moments, but majority of it was lacking our usual skill level.”

“We weren’t excited; our energy wasn’t there,” Rosy Arora (11) said. Another possible factor behind the team’s sub-par performance is a large number of players out due to injury. This was also the first away game of the year, which had a negative impact, Arora said.

The serves were a particular high point of the game, Arora said. Serving has been a major focus of Coach Lynford Foreman, she said.

Kon mentioned blocks from team captain Zoe Swift (11) as another highlight of the game.

“So far, we’ve come together as a team really well, which is surprising for this early in the season,” Swift said.

“When we work together as a team, when we’re all energetic, it just makes it a better time and it makes it easier to actually accomplish things,” Arora said. “Yesterday, we didn’t see that.”

Swift attributes the team’s good dynamics to bonding inside and outside practice, especially during pre-season, she said.

This year’s team is very close, Kon said. “We’re such an odd group of kids, but we get along really, really well.”