Jobs & Internships: Lita Crichton (11)

Katya Tolunsky, Staff Writer

Lita Crichton (11) spent four weeks of her summer interning at the American Cancer Society (ACS), a non-profit organization whose mission is to end cancer. Crichton found out about the internship through listings sent out to the Student Body by the school’s internship program. After a successful interview with Crichton’s boss, she landed the opportunity.

Crichton’s involvement in the school’s Cancer Awareness Club (CAC) was what inspired her to apply for her position at the ACS, she said. “Being a part of the CAC, I learned how many people are affected by cancer in our school, even if it’s indirectly,” Crichton said.

The ACS is a nationwide voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer. “They conduct cancer research, and they look for treatments,” Crichton said.

At the internship, Crichton mostly helped out with day to day office duties. “I kept track of the checks that people sent, and I would send them over to wherever they had to go,” she said. “I also learned about the importance of good people skills and the ability to be approachable and friendly when calling venues and sponsors.”

Over time, Crichton got to participate in more directly involved roles, such as creating flyers for fundraisers and selecting potential venues for the ACS, she said.

The ACS greatly depends on fundraising events and donations, Crichton said. “One of the fundraisers they held while I was an intern was a culinary event called Food For Hope. People paid for a ticket and then they were able to choose food from one of the restaurants at the event.”

Through the internship, Crichton learned about how a non-profit functions and the importance of organization in an office setting, she said. Crichton loved being a part of such an amazing organization and was glad she landed the opportunity, she said.