Fischberg paints Providence

Emily Shi, Staff Writer

Gabby Fischberg (11) spent six weeks immersed in the world of color theory, perspective, and value use while studying art at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) precollege.

At the program, Fischberg mainly focused on studying the technique behind producing a work of art, she said. “I learned a lot about how to go from thumbnail to sketch to a final piece, and how to develop my work to reflect what I’m thinking of in my head.”

In a typical class, Fischberg would begin by working on a still-life model or a particular technical skill, and then spend time giving and receiving feedback with peers and teachers. This class structure helped Fischberg refine her ideas and find ways to improve her art, she said.

Fischberg originally chose to apply to RISD precollege after conducting online research and speaking to Visual Arts teacher Kim Do. Fischberg felt especially tempted to apply due to the program’s length and reputation for its focus on technical skills, she said. “It’s similar to attending a semester of a full-fledged art school, and I wanted to experience the academic aspect of art.”

Prior to this program, Fischberg had completed a weekend program at Cooper Union, but had never experienced a sleepaway summer program dedicated to one field of study. In fact, RISD precollege was the first time that Fischberg stayed away from home for a long duration since the eighth grade trip to John Dorr Nature Laboratory, she said.

“It was hard at since I felt homesick at times, but I made a lot of friends and we had over six hours of homework a week per class, so I didn’t have as much time to think about home,” she said.

“I really enjoyed the experience of art, and being surrounded by people who love art like I do,” Fischberg said. “However, being at what was basically art school for six weeks made me realize that I definitely want to pursue art in college, but I also want to leave time for other experiences that I love.”