Alex Oh: The concentrated cellist


Emily Shi, Staff Writer

Cellist Alex Oh (11) attended a seven week intensive program for string instrument players at the Meadowmount School of Music to expand his repertoire and improve his ability as a cellist.

Meadowmount is known for its heavy emphasis and intensive approach to practicing, allotting more than five hours a day for instrument practice. In addition, the program offered various individualized lessons and master classes, Oh said.

After playing the cello recreationally for nine years, Oh began to play seriously after a sport injury. “Through getting serious I became really passionate about music,” he said.

Oh originally decided to apply to the program after having tried less intensive music camps in the past, due to the encouragement of his peers and mentors. “My teacher went when he was around my age, and I’ve seen a lot of teams who go and come back far better than before,” he said.

Oh was accepted a few months after he sent videos of his playing different genres of pieces on the cello. “My decision to attend mainly stemmed from curiosity, as I wanted to see if I could come out as a different cellist when I came back,” he said

Due to the program’s emphasis on practice time, Oh learned how to prevent injury when playing the cello, worked on time management, and developed a curated daily practice routine that he continues to follow, he said.

Oh confidently asserts that he has come back a “different cellist,” he said. “The other passionate cellists motivated me to play better, and I tried out so many new genres and techniques because Meadowmount gave me the time to explore.”