Team preview: Girls Varsity Soccer

Yin Fei, Contributing Writer

Girls Varsity Soccer kick-started the next three months with a two-week-long preseason in preparation for the campaign ahead. Using Van Cortlandt Park as their practice field, the team has been preparing early in the morning each day nearing the end of August for their upcoming season.

The observance of the girls’ ability levels, especially after the summer break, and previous experiences has shaped the types of training being run through in each practice.

“We have plenty of girls who rarely touch a soccer ball offseason and only about five girls who play soccer four times a week,” Laila Farmer (10) said.

This lack of training outside of the school season has proven challenging when meeting other teams with players who are committed to colleges or are playing in elite soccer leagues. Therefore, in order to better the players’ individual technique, Girls Varsity Soccer Coach Tim Sullivan made the conscientious decision to return back to the groundwork for their first couple of practices, he said.

“We are doing a lot of running, dribbling, basic shooting, and passing drills to just get back in the soccer mode,” Kelly Troop (11) said.

Another collective challenge this year’s team will face, is the number of new players which has recently joined the team, with around half the team consisting of freshmen.

“We’re a young team so we’re just trying to develop our knowledge so that we can play as well as we can as a dynamic unit,” Captain Kiara Royer (12) said. Being smaller physically means fighting twice as hard against opponents to win tackles, she said.

Despite these setbacks, the team still believes it has much to offer with its fair share of strengths out on the field.

“Our defense, consisting of returning players, is very strong. They are out there putting their best foot forward with every drill, challenging themselves and the people around them,” Rachel Kuhn (10) said.

“Every one of our players has a positive attitude and excellent work ethic,” Sullivan said. “I always look forward to the opportunity to coach great kids.”

“The team’s goal for the season is to always put the most effort we can into everything we do,” Kuhn said. “We would like to just try as hard as we can to bring home some wins.”