Team preview: Varsity Football

Adrian Arnaboldi, Staff Writer

The football team will look to repeat last year’s success as winners of the Hudson Valley Football League; however, the team will face many new challenges this season after the loss of 19 seniors who graduated.

Although the team lost multiple key players, the coaches and players are optimistic about the season. “I have been pleasantly surprised so far this preseason with the level of skill we have,” Football Coach Ron Beller said. “Our technique is light years ahead of where I thought it would be.”

The team has been working hard in preseason to perfect their skills on offense, defense, and special teams. “The players that we have now have been as focused and mentally tough as any group we have had,” Beller said.

With increased focus, the team has been able to improve in multiple facets of the game. “We have been working on implementing our new offensive schemes as well as defensive and special teams plays,” Harrison Winter (11) said. Beller has been working with defensive players on practicing safe tackling techniques, he said. These techniques are not only safer but are also more effective.

The coaches have been looking to maximize the potential of the team by utilizing the players’ athletic ability. Although the team is not as big as in years past, they have been working on using their speed to their advantage, Beller said.

New leaders have emerged in the preseason and have helped guide some of the younger members of the team. Seniors Harrison Porges, Matthew Dichter, Nick Potash, Andrew Cassino, and Ben Goodman have stepped up as leaders in the preseason, Winter said.

After the loss of 19 seniors, the team has become a much tighter knit group. “We are a much smaller team where every single person is a huge part of the winning effort,” Winter said.

“We all work together as a unit, pick each other up, and treat each other like family,” James Thomas (10) said.

Teamwork and unity are strengths of this younger group. “We don’t point fingers, instead we focus on ourselves as individuals and point our interest towards bettering ourselves and our teammates,” Thomas said. “We’re a big group of brothers that love to play the sport.”

With a smaller group of players, physical fitness level has been a point of emphasis for the coaches, because some players will be asked to play both offense and defense frequently.

The team is excited for the season, especially their homecoming game. “Homecoming is our most hyped game of the season, and all the work we’re doing is going into winning both that and the championship this year,” Thomas said.