Team preview: Girls Varsity Volleyball

Josh Underberg, Staff Writer

The Girl’s Varsity Volleyball team has used preseason to prepare for their rigorous season ahead.

“This preseason, our coach decided to increase the intensity of our practices,” Charlotte Cebula (12) said. “We are focusing a lot on fitness and securing our fundamental skills, so that in games we will be able to outlast the other team in stamina,” she said.

The preseason training also gave players an opportunity to get back into rhythm, Yin Fei, (10) said.

“Preseason was hard work, especially because it was so early in the morning and I had not played volleyball for quite some time, however the three hours of practice has allowed me to feel much more prepared for the rest of the season,” Fei said.

Many players from last year’s roster graduated, so the team will have to learn to adapt to those changes, Zoë Swift (11) said.

“A lot of seniors on the team last season graduated in the spring, so right now my focus is creating a closer team dynamic with girls who have really never played together before,” Swift said. “With playing such a team-centered sport, it is important that everyone on the court can trust and rely on each other during a game, which goes beyond just talking during practice.”

This year’s team consists of many new players.

“I love the trajectory of the team this year, and I think that new players could take us to the next level,” Cebula said.

“I believe that everyone will be a bit nervous to work with each other, but that soon we will grow comfortable enough to trust one another and make the plays run smoothly,” Fei, a new player herself, said.

The new players on this year’s roster are one of the team’s assets, Whitney Dawson (12) said.

“Jaelah Taylor (9) is a new freshman who just moved to New York and is new to HM, and she’s really good,” Dawson said. “She’ll definitely be a valuable addition to the team.”

Aside from the new contributors, there are multiple established leaders on the team, Swift said.

“The current seniors on the team are essential to helping the team dynamic and encouraging the underclassmen to try their best and go all out,” Swift said. “I think they have been doing a great job at that and in getting the newer players on the team to come out of their shells.”

The leadership will help the team to fight through every game, especially the most important games of the year, such as homecoming and opposing teams’ homecomings, Dawson said.

“At homecoming, we are playing against Fieldston, and they are a really good team, so although it will be a challenging game, I’m confident that we will play well,” Dawson said. “We are also playing at Poly Prep’s homecoming, which will also be a difficult game.”

The Fieldston Girls Varsity Volleyball team has a strong history, which makes it a difficult game, but they are confident that the team can succeed together, Swift said.