Team preview: Girls Cross Country

Alison Isko, Staff Writer

Girls Varsity Cross Country is looking forward to a strong season this year, where they hope to overcome their biggest rival: the weather.

“The fall is really volatile in terms of rain, thunderstorms, and heat, and those always make running outside a bit miserable,” Euwan Kim (12) said. “But as long as we’re doing it together, I’m sure the team will be able to push through it… Everyone is really supportive of one another, especially when we’re all struggling on those back hills.”

No matter the weather, the team supports one another. “I think everyone’s goal is to continue to encourage each other to beat their personal time and become better runners overall,” Caroline Scherr (12) said.

Kim wants to break 20 minutes, a goal she’s had since her freshman year, while Catherine MIgnone (10) wants to improve at the 5K race and push herself and the rest of the team to do their best during races and in practice. “We did really well last year, but there is definitely a lot of room for improvement,” Mignone said.

In order to improve their times, the team does a lot of conditioning during practice, Girls Varsity Cross Country Coach Meredith Cullen said. This consists of hill runs and occasional trials of the race course in the back hills of Van Cortlandt Park, Kim said.

The race course is 2.5 miles and is located in Van Cortlandt Park.

Members of the team have also been trying to improve their times outside of practice. Mignone and Scherr both ran over the summer in order to build up their endurance and stamina.

The work put in by the team will help them succeed at the Manhattan Invitational, the team’s largest meet, Sophia Zelizer (12) said.

The team will then compete at the NYSAIS and Ivy League meets at the end of the season.