Team preview: Boys Cross Country

Julia Goldberg, Staff Writer

Boys Cross Country began the season running and is looking forward to another year of improvement. “The team as a whole is looking really strong and we are excited for our meets,” Masa Shiiki (12) said.

In terms of the number of runners, it is almost the same as last year, Jayer Yang (12) said. “In regards to dynamic, I do not think it’s as different as I thought it would be at first glance. Every person on the team is equally driven to perform well and run as best they can, and that cross country spirit hasn’t died down at all,” he said.

Yang is hoping this season will be as good, if not better, than last year’s, and he’s excited to see the team develop from here on out, he said.

So far, preseason practices have been going well, Shiiki said. “The team is united and we’re working hard and all supportive of each other,” he said. During these practices, Shiiki has also noticed a number of strong underclassman who are hard workers, he said.

“The sophomores on our team have a unique sense of camaraderie, which adds to the team dynamic,” Yang said. “Both Ethan Waggoner (10) and Alexei Le (10) stand out to me; Ethan for leading his peers in exercises, stretches, and practice runs, and Alexei for his enthusiasm and grit.” he said.

Yang has noticed the seniors have stepped up both as runners and as teammates. “Both Eddie Jin and Masa Shiiki in particular have naturally slipped into those leadership positions, and now put their own personal records aside to focus on the success of the team as a whole,” he said.

One of Shiiki’s goals is to be a supportive captain for the rest of the team, he said. Other than that, he is hoping to break his personal records, and also hopefully make the New York State Association of Independent of Schools (NYSAIS) cuts at the very end of the season, he said.

The end goal for the team as a whole is to have everyone run great times at the Ivy League Championships, Yang said.