Lockdowns: Looking beyond the drill

Editorial Board

At precisely 9:35 on Tuesday morning the PA system blared and a resounding voice alerted the community that, once again, we were having a lockdown drill.

The very need for the practice horrifies us. A school is a place for students to comfortably learn and expand their knowledge in a safe environment. And the Public Safety department takes superhuman efforts to ensure the community’s safety. The lockdown drills help keep us safe.

The 10-minutes spent crowded in a dark corner can even be relaxing! We check our Snaps, keep followers updated with Instagram Lives, silently play chopsticks with friends, or just take a pause. Somewhat thankfully, in the midst of all those seemingly positive aspects, what we are really preparing for gets lost. If we all had to think about the possibility of someone coming to school and trying to murder people, how would we carry on with our days? terror would consume us. Right now, the drills have become normalized as merely another part of our school routine, just like our biweekly assemblies and monthly grade meetings. We need them, after all.

But we need them because no matter how many armed Public Safety Officers risk their lives to protect us, the danger of a school shooter still exists. Perhaps confronting the terror would do more harm than good, but it might also inspire us to push against the total lack of federal gun control. We can either suppress fear, or fight its cause.