Clubs debut at fair


Natalie Sweet , Staff Writer

With a wide selection of snacks, banners, and booths, new clubs and publications made their debut this Thursday at the Club’s Fair, showcasing the many different extracurricular options students can explore.

Though Dean of Students Michael Dalo has not made any changes to the way the fair runs in his first year in the position, he is excited to see all of the new clubs and publications at their booths, he said. “Anytime students propose new clubs, there are exciting new opportunities for the community.”

One of these new publications is For the Culture, a magazine dedicated to showcasing the school’s diverse backgrounds through culture and arts, Editor-in-Chief Gabby Fischberg (11) said. The publication started in the winter of 2019 and printed its first issue last spring.

“A lot of publications are centered around white Eurocentric culture,” Fischberg said. “It’s so important to highlight the livelihoods and experiences of people of color, which are so beautiful and amazing,” she said.

Co-founder of LatinX Influencers of Tomorrow (LIT) Jayla Thomas (12) had a similar idea but a different approach.

“We wanted to increase visibility for Latinx students through workshops, panels, and movie screenings, so that these students can feel empowered,” she said.

Scarlett Goldberg (10) also founded The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Club club this year to tackle social and economic issues. Goldberg plans to organize talks and come up with solutions or initiatives for the school and the greater New York City community together, she said. “To make a change, we need to learn from others experiences to adjust our day to day actions for the better,” she said.

This year was also the first year of the school’s chapter of the Period Movement, which is a global, non-profit fighting to end period products more accessible through service, education, and advocacy, according to their website Jordan Ferdman (11), Alexis Fry (11), and Ericka Familia (11) started the school’s chapter after Ferdman started a service learning initiative last year that supplied menstrual products to women in the Bronx, she said.

“It’s a really fun celebration in the fall to celebrate all of the hard work by clubs and publications leaders over the summer,” Head of the Upper Division Jessica Levenstein said.