5-1 JV Girls Volleyball has strong start


Jack Crovitz , Staff Writer

The Girls’ Junior Varsity Volleyball team has had a fruitful start to the season, with a 5-1 record.
The team’s stood out due to their exemplary serving and communication skills, Coach Jason Torres said.

“Our sophomores have done especially well this year,” in particular Gabby Chong, Saniya Lamoni, and Destiney Green, he said. “We are able to carry out plays consistently and smoothly,” said Chong.

The team still has some aspects of their game to improve, Torres said. “We’re working out the kinks in our rotation and getting the whole team up to speed on it.”

Specifically, the team is working on passing and digging, Chong said.“We need more communication, but other than that we’re good,” Lamoni said.

In addition, there are “more freshmen than sophomores on the team, so most of the team is making the adjustment from playing on the Eighth Grade Volleyball team to the more advanced and faster game at the JV level,” Torres said.

They work through these difficulties by recording their games, identifying weaknesses, and trying to improve them during practices, Torres said. “We do a lot of work with Coach Torres, but we always make it fun,” Lamoni said.

The Junior Varsity team is also a tight-knit and supportive community. “We are great at being supportive of one another,” Chong said. “We always support each other and cheer after every goal,” Lamoni added.

Tryouts helped to forge team relationships, Lamoni said. “There were a bunch or new freshmen, and we had fun bonding with them.”

However, the Varsity team “doesn’t really have a strong relationship with the JV team,” Chong said. “We don’t mix much,” Lamoni said.

Although “we need to improve on some small aspects of the game…we have the talent on the team to make that happen,” Torres said.