CAC hosts annual Pink Week for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Abby Beckler , Staff Writer

In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is October, the Cancer Awareness Club (CAC) has organized Pink Week in order to support those affected by the terrible disease. Unlike previous years, this year’s Pink Week is more focused on involving the whole school in the fight for the cure.

“Our goal for Pink Week is, to put it directly, to shove pink in everybody’s faces,” Luke Weber (12), co-President of the CAC, said. “We want everybody to know what’s going on; we want everybody to be looking at the posters that we have everywhere.”

Throughout the entire week, the CAC has held an extensive array of events, ranging from bandana decorating to donuts with pink frosting in the morning to hot chocolate with pink marshmallows during break. There were also pink tattoos and bracelets with the breast cancer ribbon logo available in Katz Library all week long.

“We always like Pink Week to be more about celebration and supporting people who have fought breast cancer, and we like it to be a celebration of school spirit rather than a fundraiser like Relay for Life,” Weber said.

For the duration of the week, the leaders of the CAC have worn blinged-out pink cowboy hats in order to promote the message behind Pink Week: spreading awareness and providing plenty of opportunities for the community to donate to research for breast cancer, Kareena Gupta (11), a committee coordinator for the CAC, said.

“The CAC has taken on a larger role in the Upper Division in general and will have a much more notable presence this year,” Amiya Mehrotra, co-Vice President of the CAC, said.

“The goal of the CAC is really to get people involved in the fight against cancer, such as participating in efforts that will contribute to cancer research,” Rebecca Rosenzweig (11), co-Vice President of the CAC, said.

Both teachers and students on campus have agreed to show their continued support for the cause by wearing pink and encouraging others to participate in the activities and fundraisers hosted by the CAC.

“We’re trying to make sure that the entire school is participating and wearing pink so that we can raise as much awareness as possible,” Rosenzweig said. The events of this week will end with an all-out Pink Day this Friday.

“Friday is the official Pink Day, so that’s when everybody should come to school decked out in pink,” Rosenzweig said. “There’s going to be cookie decorating in the library with pink frosting and a bake sale.” Proceeds from the bake sale will be donated to both the American Cancer Society and Memorial Sloan Kettering, as well as to some smaller organizations specifically dedicated to fighting breast cancer.

“This year, the CAC started planning for the events that it hosts much earlier in the year, rather than starting mid-December,” Gupta said. “Because we started planning earlier, it has allowed us to focus our attention not only on the culminating event, Relay for Life, at the end of the year, but also the smaller but crucial events that happen in the months prior.”

One crucial change from this year’s Pink Week was the transfer of leadership from the co-Presidents running the week to the co-Vice Presidents.

“This year, we’re putting on a lot more events, so in order to give us the time to work on our other events, specifically our Cycle for Survival event which will take place in February, we started a new tradition where Pink Week will be run by the Vice Presidents,” Weber said.

Another change this year is the introduction of Cycle for Survival as a focus for the CAC. “We plan on emphasizing the awareness part of our name and focusing on multiple school-wide events as opposed to solely emphasizing Relay for Life,” Mehrotra said. In past years, the CAC has hosted only Pink Week and the Relay for Life Event.

“Through the CAC, students can gain insight to the American Cancer Society, Cycle for Survival, and Relay for Life, the latter two being events that happen to raise money for cancer research,” Gupta said.

“I believe the mission of this club is not only to raise funds to support cancer patient programs and research, but also to spread awareness about cancer itself and speak about it on a broader scale,” Mehrotra said. “I want to contribute in whatever way I can.”

Despite Pink Week coming to a close, cancer awareness within the community continues to grow.
“Our goal is for the Horace Mann community to not think of this as just another themed week or another bake sale for a club,” Rosenzweig said. “We want this community to realize that the donations they make this week are going to a really important cause that affects everyone.”