JV Football finishes season 2-1-1


Alison Isko , Staff Writer

The JV football team is finishing up the season with a record of two wins, one loss, and, most recently, a tie during its game against Greenwich.
“[The Greenwich game] was amazing,” Lucas Borini (9) said. “It was their homecoming and the whole school was there booing us, but that only made us love it more.”
“It was one of the most exciting atmospheres we’ve ever been a part of here,” JV Football Coach Ron Beller said. “It was packed with people. The fans were so loud and close to our sideline you could barely hear yourself think.”
There was a large audience at the game against Greenwich because it was their homecoming. The Lions were unaware that it was a homecoming game until ten minutes before the game started, thinking that it would just be a regular game, Quarterback Matthew Jacobson (9) said.
“For some this made them nervous, but for me I just got more excited,” he said.
The team’s offense started out a little slow, but the defense played very well throughout the entire game, Jacobson said. “Eventually, the offense made it to [Greenwich’s] goal line and we scored.”
At the end of the fourth quarter, the team was tied with Greenwich, and, with one second left on the clock, decided to try for a field goal, thinking that it would give the team a better chance of getting the points they needed to win, Jacobson said.
“You could feel the energy from our sidelines,” Jacobson said.
“We’re all supportive of each other,” Zelizer said.
The team doesn’t only support each other during games. “If someone were to mess up, [the team] wouldn’t leave them feeling bad, but rather pick them up and tell them they’ll get it next time,” Matthew Marquardt (9) said. “It’s been a really fun experience being able to play with my friends, especially since some of them I played flag football with when I was like eight years old.”
While many people on the team, such as Marquardt, have played football before, there are some people who haven’t. Borini is playing football for the first time this season and he has been encouraged and helped by other members of the team, he said.
“The team is very supportive and makes sure that beginners know what they need to do, and make sure that everyone is getting enough reps in practice,” Borini said.
The Varsity and JV teams practice together.“[During practices] earlier in the season, we would not get as many reps as the Varsity team, but once the coaches realized we were a very talented freshman class, they let us participate in live contact drills,” Jacobson said.
Although the team had some difficulty getting as many reps as the Varsity team during practices at the start of the season, that hasn’t affected the relationship between the Varsity and JV teams, he said.
“You can hardly tell the difference between the Varsity and JV,” Borini said. “We are all one huge family and the Varsity players are great mentors, especially for a newcomer like me.”
Practicing together has led the Varsity and JV teams to “mesh very well,” Jacobson said.
The JV and Varsity teams don’t just overlap during practice. Some sophomores play at both JV and Varsity games in order to gain experience, Varsity Football Head Coach Matthew Russo said.
There are 18 sophomores and freshmen that play at every JV game. “[It] is a very solid number compared to other schools,” Beller said. “Riverdale, Fieldston and many local high schools do not have the numbers to field a JV team so we are happy that we actually have a good team on the field.”
Russo is happy with this season’s JV team, he said. “They are dedicated and have approached the games and practice with focus and a high level of work ethic,” he said. “The one thing I would tell the team is to have the same approach in the offseason and throughout their football careers.”