Indoor Track hits ground running

Maurice Campbell, Contributing Writer

After a long and hard-working season last year, the Girls and Boys Varsity Indoor Track Team had their first Ivy Developmental Meet on Wednesday. “When I stepped onto the track on Wednesday I had butterflies in my stomach, but I was very excited for the season to get underway” Natalia Mason (11) said. It was the first time she had ran competitively since the spring track season last year.
The Lions are looking forward to the new season to start, Diya Mookim (12) said. “Because we have so many new members on the team, I’m excited to explore this new team dynamic,” Mookim said. “I’m also looking forward to building upon previous friendships while also forming new ones.”
Even after the first meet, Destiny Green (10) sensed that the team would bond quickly because the strong senior leadership. “Not only does the track team consists of many excellent, fast-paced runners, but they have the ability to motivate the rest of the team members to do the best that they can do.”
“The upperclassmen are extremely motivated and amazing leaders, which makes our team even better,” Mason said.
Green is not only looking forward to bonding with her teammates, but also to pushing herself and others beyond their limits to help improve their times over the course of the season. She likes the feeling of knowing you can depend on people who relate and experience the same work ethic she does daily at practice, she said.
In preparation for the meet and the season, most of the Lions tried to run during the week when they found the time, Masa Shiiki (12) said. “I ran six days out of the whole week,” he said. These runs consisted of either a steady 40 minute, long 60 minute, or quick 20 minute runs to keep up cardio.
Athletes compete in events such as javelin and shot put rather than running prepared for the season differently. Mookim, who competes in the shot put event, knew that when the season started, she would need to be lifting weights everyday at practice. To prepare for that, she “started lifting a few times a week prior to the start of the season,” Mookim said.
Since most of the events in track and field are individual competitions, Mason believes that the results in future meets will depend on the ability of people to control their emotions. “The results will also depend on goals set by the particular runner,” she said.
Shiiki’s main goal for the team this season is to work hard together, support each other, and set personal records, he said. “My personal goal is to be the best leader I can be as an upper-classmen, continue to put in work, and hopefully set some personal records as well,” Shiiki said.