A call to climate action for publication leaders

Greta Thunberg just won Time’s Person of the Year. It wasn’t Trump that won, it wasn’t Robert Mueller or Nancy Pelosi or anyone else that has power put into their hands in some official sense. It was a 16 year old kid from Sweden who has brought climate change to the forefront of our global conversation. It’s great that the administration decided to do away with plastic water bottles. And while there are of course more steps that could be made on that front, it is not just administrators that need to make systemic changes. All individuals at the school need to reconsider how we go about our daily lives. We are making a specific call to all publication leaders to drastically cut down on the number of copies that you print each week. The Record has already cut down on the number of copies that we print and will continue to do so until we find an amount that creates the least possible waste while still permitting everyone to read our paper. We are looking to halve the number of papers that we printed from last year and have begun by decreasing the number we’ve printed in the past few weeks by several hundred. Our call to publication leaders is to assess how many copies of your magazines are left on the racks after every time you print. Don’t print copies just because you have the money to do so. Print copies with the intent that each copy will be read, and if that isn’t happening, print less. This mentality applies to all aspects of our life. We need to take stock of our daily ins and outs of life and think about how we can do better. This can’t just be a top down or bottom up effort. It has to come from all of us. This means making both major and minor changes to how we go about our daily lives. As with any change, transition periods are expected, but we are capable of adjusting and soon can embrace a new, better normal.